How to submit?

The editors of the "Eastern Ukrainian Medical Journal" appreciate the authors and their time. Therefore the manuscript submission is utterly simple, and the number of accompanying documents is minimal. To publish Your article in our Journal you need to satisfy the following requirement:

  1. Prepare the manuscript in accordance with the general framework of the scientific articles, general  rules for writing and with the research profile of our Journal.
  2. Send the manuscript to the editors via e-mail.
  3. Send the author's agreement (it can be a printed version or a scan copy).
  4. Complete the peer-reviewing procedure and receive the positive referees' reports as well as the  technical expert report.
  5. Receive the checked manuscript from the editors and inform the editors about your correcting.  
  6. Send the corrected manuscript to the editors via e-mail

The deadline for submitting entries in the current issue is by the 15th of the previous month (for example, to print articles in the June issue, materials must be submitted by May 15). The subsequent work will be considered for printing in the next issue.

Schedule of numbers:

  • №1- March;
  • №2- June;
  • №3- September;
  • №4- December.

Materials for publication can be sent:

mail to:  40007, Sumy, 31 Sanatorna St., Medical Institute of Sumy State University, the editors of "Eastern Ukrainian Medical Journal".

email to: