History of the Journal

History of the Eastern Ukrainian Medical Journal is closely connected to the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medical Research published at Sumy State University, which, in turn, was а descendant of the Visnyk of Sumy State University periodical.

The foundation history of the Visnyk of Sumy State University periodical started on 13th August, 1993, when Sumy State University of the fourth level of accreditation was created on the base of Sumy Physico-Technological Institute according to the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. The scientists and lecturers proved their ability to train experts and carry out high-level scientific research, and their great potential abilities for further dynamic development and reaching high international stage. To obtain this goal, they had to pass a hard way of formation, material resources creation, and teaching staff improvement.

The Visnyk of Sumy State University was created on the initiative of the Vice-rector on Research A. V. Khvorost in order to promote scientists and lecturers in reaching high professional level and extend scientific contents and fundamentality of their scientific research. Thus, the Visnyk of Sumy State University was founded in 1994. The journal was subdivided into specific categories published separately and there was Medicine category volume as well. Considering high interest of the scientists to this category, the journal titled "Visnyk of Sumy State University. Medicine" was registered as a separate issue in 2007. This periodical had both national and foreign distribution (the Certificate of State Registration КВ No.12516-1400 Р). The journal was also included in the list of scientific issues of Ukraine by the Decision of the Presidium of the Higher Certifying Commission of Ukraine (Resolution No. 1-05/3 dd 08 July 2009). The title of the journal “Visnyk of Sumy State University” was officially changed into “Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medical Research” since 2013 (the Certificate of State Registration of the Print Media КВ No. 19908-9708 ПР dated 04.03.2013).

The editorial board was strengthened. It comprised 35 DSc's, including 4 Corresponding Members of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine and 1 Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Besides, 21 members of the editorial board were the staff of Sumy State University. The new editorial board pays significant attention to the blind reviewing process.

At the beginning of 2019, the journal changed its name to "Eastern Ukrainian Medical Journal".