Keywords: acute pancreatitis, parameters of the immune system, alternative method of treatment


Introduction. The incidence and features of acute pancreatitis stimulate the scientific community and clinicians to look for new antibiotics and new algorithms for their use in treating this disease, which is the world's third most frequent acute surgical disease.

Despite this, acute pancreatitis mortality indicates the need for better approaches, especially in conditions of microbial resistance to antibiotics, which determines the urgency of the problem.

The objective of the paper was to justify lymphotropic antibacterial therapy as an alternative method of treatment of acute pancreatitis based on the changes in specific immunity parameters, which will make it possible to increase the effectiveness of treatment of the disease and potential complications.

Materials and methods were based on the study of the leukocyte index of intoxication, the hematological index of intoxication, and some other parameters of immunity on lymphotropic and standard antibacterial therapy. With this in mind, patients were divided into two groups.

Results. It was established that under the influence of lymphotropic antibacterial therapy, the leukocyte index of intoxication decreased by 0.3392 units on early admission and by 0.4128 units on late admission compared to standard antibacterial therapy. LAT appeared to be more effective in terms of the effect on HII – by 1.1214 units on early admission and by 1.0537 units on late admission. The effect on cellular immunity with LAT was more pronounced than that with standard antibacterial therapy.

Discussion. Purulent-infectious foci in acute pancreatitis lead to profound disturbances in the immune system as they develop intensively and quickly, and already after 24 hours of manifestation, they significantly exceed those that develop within 24 hours. Lymphotropic antibacterial therapy adjusts these changes bringing them closer to the control ones, while standard antibacterial therapy fails to do so.

Conclusions. Changes in the immune system parameters, which tend towards the control ones, suggest that lymphotropic antibacterial therapy is an alternative to standard therapy.


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