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acute pancreatitis, lymphotropic antibacterial and anti-inflammatory therapy

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Ihor D. Duzhiy, Volodymyr V. Shimko, Hennadiy I. Pyatikop, & Navras D. Al Yamani. (2021). THE FIRST EXPERIENCE OF LYMPHOTROPIC ANTIBACTERIAL THERAPY FOR ACUTE PANCREATITIS. Eastern Ukrainian Medical Journal, 9(2), 124-128.;9(2):124-128


Introduction. Acute pancreatitis remains one of the most common surgical diseases of the abdominal cavity. Its incidence has been constantly increasing in recent years. Mortality remains high with pancreatitis: 15–45%.

Objective. To study capacity for increasing the effectiveness of treatment of acute pancreatitis by lymphotropic administration of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Materials and methods. We observed 17 patients with acute pancreatitis, with the average age of 47.7 years; all patients were hospitalized within the first two days of the disease. The treatment was performed in addition to the infusion therapy in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine No. 297 dated April 2, 2010, using lymphotropic administration of antibacterial therapy, which was tested at the Department of Surgery of SSU and differed in that antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs were injected regionally into the pancreas.

Results. In the first 4 days, according to the ultrasound findings, the size of the inflamed pancreas decreased from 31.25, 18.5, and 27.25 cm to 25.25, 15.75, and 18 cm, and the size of the spleen decreased from 262.64 cm3 to 160.99 cm3, which is the evidence of drug targeted effect on the pancreas and spleen.

Conclusions. Lymphotropic antibacterial and anti-inflammatory therapy used for 4 days reduced the size of the head, body and tail of the gland by 6.4, 3.9, and 7.0 cm. The reduction in the size of the gland contributed to the elimination of clinical signs of inflammation, especially pain, and leukocytes number decrease, which indicates the "targeted" effect of the drugs. The reduction in the size of the spleen from 308.9 cm3 to 227.1 cm3 proves the effect produced by lymphotropic use of drugs on the immune system. This is also supported by corrected immunoglobulin levels.;9(2):124-128
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