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borreliosis, survey, questionnaire, ticks

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I. V. Lutai, A. S. Ivanova, & T. A. Husieva. (2021). CLINICAL AND EPIDEMIOLOGICAL FEATURES OF LYME BORRELIOSIS. Eastern Ukrainian Medical Journal, 9(1), 80-86.;9(1):80-86


Lyme borreliosis (LB) is the most common transmissible disease of tick-borne origin. This disease is a significant medical challenge due to the damage to many organs and systems and the tendency to chronicity and long-term disability in the future. Currently, there is an upward trend in the incidence of Lyme disease in Sumy Oblast. Thus, in Ukraine in 2015 the incidence was 7.96 per 100,000  population, and in 2019 it increased to 10.62. The average level of indicators was exceeded in Kyiv Oblast (29.0), Cherkasy Oblast (25.4), Vinnytsia Oblast (23.09), Sumy (25.89) Oblast, and Kyiv (2.54). The peak of tick activity in Ukraine is registered in May and has increased by 4.23 times. The maximum number of patients falls within the working population and causes significant state financial damage.

The increase in the number of cases indicates a spread of Lyme disease in Sumy Oblast. In order to prevent the spread, it is necessary to study all possible causes of this disease and find ways to eliminate them. This was the ground for the creation of a unified anonymous questionnaire, which covers the main issues regarding this disease from the standpoint of different population groups.

A unified anonymous "Questionnaire for Lyme disease patients" contains 16 multiple choice questions and an option for comments. The first group of questions concerned gender, age, and social data of respondents (the largest part of patients fell within the working population – 42.86%). The next group of questions clarified the epidemiological features of this pathology (circumstances, date, time, location, body part bitten). Most often tick bites occurred during walks in the urban forests (42.86% of cases). Most respondents reported that tick bites had happened in June and July (39.29%).

 Other questions were designed to determine patients' awareness about Lyme borreliosis prevention. The next group of questions was aimed at clarifying the clinical features of the disease (lower extremities were the most frequent site of a tick bite) (46.43%), with erythema dominating among the clinical manifestations of Lyme borreliosis (91.07%).

 According to the anonymous questionnaire, we analyzed and evaluated awareness of diagnosis, clinical signs, and measures of Lyme disease prevention in the patients who were receiving treatment at Municipal Non-Commercial Enterprise of Sumy Regional Council "Medical Clinical Center of Infectious Diseases and Dermatology Named After Z. Krasovytskyi" and SSU University Clinic;9(1):80-86
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