• V. M. Chumakov Medical Institute of Sumy State University, Sumy, Ukraine
  • O. L. Sytnik Medical Institute of Sumy State University, Sumy, Ukraine
  • M. S. Lyndin Medical Institute of Sumy State University, Sumy, Ukraine
Keywords: acute pancreatitis, pathomorphology, chemical vagotomy, modeling, experiment


According to modern conceptions, acute pancreatitis is a multifactorial disease with complex multicomponent pathogenesis. Regardless of the improvement of surgical treatment, mortality in complicated forms of acute pancreatitis is from 25 to 85 % according to different studies without a significant downward trend.

The purpose of the research is to investigate the dynamic of morphological changes in the pancreas after chemical vagotomy at acute experimental pancreatitis in rabbits.

Materials and Methods. The experiment was carried out with 55 rabbits – males with a weight of at least 3.0 kg. Induction of acute pancreatitis was provided by laparotomy, ligating of the pancreatic duct and 5 injections of solution with pharmaceutical bile and trypsin to the parenchyma of all parts of the pancreas in dose 0.4–0.5 ml/kg [9, 10]. For the purpose of performing chemical vagotomy in amimals of the main group paraesophageal space was infiltrated with a 30 % solution of ethyl alcohol in dose 1.5–2 ml. After 14 days of the experiment, the animals from both groups underwent a programmated relaparotomy with autopsy of material from pancreas for the further morphological investigation.

Results. The pathomorphological changes in pancreas in the modeling of the acute pancreatitis demonstrate significant inflammatory changes with the development of subtotal and total pancreatic necrosis. Based on the morphological investigation, it was found, that in the comparison group the pathomorphological picture of subtotal and total pancreatic necrosis with destruction > 50 % of parenchyma is significantly more frequent than in the main group (p < 0.05).

Conclusion. As a result of the experiment, it allows to consider that chemical vagotomy as an additional method that can improve the efficacy of treatment of acute pancreatitis. Further study is required to develop the minimally invasive technique of chemical vagotomy with subsequent introduction into clinical practice in order to improve the direct results of treatment of patients with acute pancreatitis.


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V. M. Chumakov, O. L. Sytnik, & M. S. Lyndin. (2020). CHEMICAL VAGOTOMY IN EXPERIMENTAL ACUTE PANCREATITIS. Eastern Ukrainian Medical Journal, 6(4), 471–477. Retrieved from

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