Keywords: stress resistance, stress, professional training of future doctors, stress resistance among students


One of the main competencies of the future doctor is developed stress resistance. High level of stress is characteristic of student’s life, but at the same time, it is favourable for opportunities related to the development of viable strategies and attitudes of the individual. It necessitates the study of stress factors of students and ways of its development.

Objective. The objective of the article is theoretical and experimental study of psychological factors of stress resistance in medical and dental faculties’ students when forming their professional readiness. The sample included 104 people aged 18 to 20 years, who were 2 to 4 course students of medical and dental faculties of Poltava State Medical University.

Methods and materials. The following methods were used in the empirical study: «S. Muddy's stress test», adapted by DA Leontiev and EI Rasskazova, «Test of meaningful life orientations (MLO)» by D. Leontiev and «Boston stress test». The study was conducted in November 2021 remotely, using Google questionnaires. Statistical processing of research results was carried out using Microsoft Excel Office 2010. The statistical significance of difference between groups was determined using the Student's t-test.

Results. As a result of the study, some differences in the features of stress resistance between students of dental and medical faculties were revealed. Students of the medical faculty had a higher level of stress resistance. They were more focused on mastering the profession and professional activity and had higher risk-taking rates than dental faculty students. There were also differences in the value-semantic sphere: existential attitudes were more common among medical students and utilitarian attitudes ­– among dentists. Based on the obtained results, we conducted training on stress resistance in order to increase the level of stress resistance, which should be considered a way to respond to stressful situations.


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Olga V. Gancho, Vira I. Fedorchenko, Olena V. Tkachenko, Tetiana D. Bublii, Tetiana M. Moshel, & Nelia O. Bobrova. (2022). PECULIARITIES OF POLTAVA STATE MEDICAL UNIVERSITY STUDENTS STRESS RESISTANCE. Eastern Ukrainian Medical Journal, 10(2), 165-172.;10(2):165-172