• V. Ivanov National Pirogov Memorial Medical University, 56, Pirogova Str., Vinnytsya, 21018, Ukraine
  • T. Onyshchuk National Pirogov Memorial Medical University, 56, Pirogova Str., Vinnytsya, 21018, Ukraine


This article determines gender- and age-specific peculiarities of left heart changes in patients with stage II hypertension regardless of degree. For this purpose, a complete examination of 160 male and female patients was conducted. The examined cohort was divided into 4 subgroups: the 1st – young men aged 18 to 44 years (n = 40), the 2nd – young women (n = 40), the 3rd – middle-aged men from 45 to 60 years (n = 40) and the 4th – middle-aged women (n = 40). All groups were comparable to age and gender. Verification of the diagnosis was carried out on the basis of existing criteria. All persons who were included in the study underwent general clinical and instrumental methods of examination, which included echocardiography (Echo-CG) conducted by means of ultrasound diagnostic scanner “HI VISION AVINS” (“NITASNI”, Japan) in a one-dimensional (M-mode), two-dimensional (B-mode), by means of Doppler echocardiography and tissue scanning mode according to the generally accepted methodology.

The obtained results showed that a significant increase in LA dimensions/volumes and their indices, aortic diameter value, LV, RV, myocardial thickness and its mass, diastolic and systolic stress levels was recorded in young men as compared to women of the same age. The average age of the examined persons, that formed the main group, was marked only by an increase in the absolute/relative dimensions of LA. The most important differences in morphological and functional parameters and the increase in dimensions of LA, LV, aortic diameter, RV, myocardial thickness and its mass, diastolic and systolic stress levels were reported exactly in middle-aged women, as opposed to young women. Of the calculated indices of LP and mass of myocardium of left ventricle, the strongest association with age was shown by the indices calculated for recalculation in grade 2.7.

Fundamental differences in the nature of LV structural remodeling were determined in middle-aged men as compared to middle-aged women. A decrease in cases of LV normal geometry and an increase in cases with LV concentric remodeling were recorded. The conducted analysis of the nature of LV structural remodeling with respect to age showed fundamental differences in middle-aged women, as opposed to young women. A significant decrease in cases with concentric remodeling and an increase in cases with concentric hypertrophy was observed.


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